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Prima Britannia Skincare & Laser Clinic London offers a range of unrivalled aesthetic treatments for Face, Body and Hair for both men and women. We combine your beauty needs with the very latest laser and aesthetic technology in London and the UK, ensuring you get the optimum results every time.

Why choose Prima Britannia?

  • We are a fully licensed small private clinic.
  • We utilised only FDA-approved latest aesthetic technology
  • All our staff is highly qualified and experienced
  • Our clinic has successfully provided services for over 11 years
  • FREE Consultation – we individually approach each client with honest advice every time
  • Easy access to our clinic – just two minutes from Ravenscourt Park Tube station and a few minutes from Hammersmith station, free weekend parking
  • 15 years of experience – our Nurse Prescriber has over 15 years of experience in the aesthetic field
  • Save Face accredits our clinic – Government approved standard professional authority

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    Since 2012 our clinic was the first clinic which specialized in Laser hair, vein, and pigmentation removal in Hammersmith area.

    During this time, we have performed thousands of laser hair, vein, and pigmentation removal treatments not only for clients in Hammersmith, but also for clients from other London’s areas.  Using the medical grades laser machines and the professionalism of our experienced practitioners we have helped our clients achieving the desired results.

    What are the most popular laser treatments among our clients?

    According to statistics, laser hair removal is one of the most popular methods of hair removal across the UK and by 2022, the industry is predicted to be worth over £1.5bn.

    Without a doubt, one of the most popular and highly rated procedures by our clients is Laser hair removal in Hammersmith.

    As specialists in laser hair removal in Hammersmith, we always give our clients genuine advice if laser hair removal is the best choice for solving their problem.

    Laser vein removal in Hammersmith by Prima Britannia Laser Clinic

    In addition to laser hair removal, we also offer laser vein removal.

    In recent years, more and more young women and men have been using laser therapy to remove broken capillaries. There are several ways to remove thread veins, and in order to choose the most accurate one, it is better to consult a specialist.

    Laser Vein Removal in Hammersmith is the most popular method for removing unpleasant and broken veins quickly, safely, and effectively. But also, at Prima Britannia Skincare & Laser Clinic London we provide as well Sclerotherapy and Electrolysis procedures for vein removal.

    Looking for laser Pigmentation removal in Hammersmith?

    Another service we offer at our West London clinic is laser pigmentation removal.

    Despite the fact that laser pigmentation removal has been used by specialists for a long time, not many clients yet are familiar with this treatment.

    With the laser pigmentation removal procedure, many different pigmented lesions on the face and body can be permanently removed in a short time.

    We invite customers for a free consultation and patch test for laser pigmentation removal in Hammersmith at Prima Britannia Laser Clinic London, where our specialists can give you a professional advice on how to get rid of unwanted pigmentation and how to avoid it in the future.