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Buccal Face Sculpting Massage 

We are pleased to introduce Claudia Barthelemy and her amazing Buccal Face Sculpting Massage. Using both double external and internal buccal massage techniques, this facial:

  • stimulates all the muscles on the face
  • slow down aging process
  • reduces tension and facial puffiness.

After first treatment the skin will be “lifted up” leaving it with a beautiful healthy glow.


Passionate about natural beauty, Claudia teaches you simple and effective self-massage techniques that you can use at home to keep your face fit and reduce facial tension.

More information about BUCCAL FACE SCULPTING MASSAGE: 

useful links:

Natural Health magazine: https://www.naturalhealthmagazine.co.uk/family/intraoral-massage-should-you-open-up

Elle: https://www.elle.com/uk/beauty/skin/a29649959/buccal-face-massage/

If you would like to know more about buccal sculpting facial massage, please order a consultation or treatment from Claudia by calling the Prima Britannia Laser Clinic on 02087417420 or email us info@primabritannia.co.uk. 

Our clinic is located in a very convenient area of ​​London in Hammersmith, close to Hammersmith station and very close to Chiswick.  

Claudia Barthelemy