Laser Thread Vein Removal

Laser thread Vein Removal treatment is the save and painless solution to remove  unwanted thread or spider vein on Face and Body permanently.

When it comes to those wonderful summertime days we get so rarely in Britain, it’s nice to relax in a pair of shorts. However, if you have vein issues you might feel self-conscious or embarrassed about how they look. While we encourage you to never feel this way at Priam Britannia, we know how hard this can rock self-belief and confidence. This is why we provide a comprehensive laser thread vein removal service.

Otherwise known as spider veins treatment, this simply thread vein removal process is almost pain-free, that can lift the issue once and for all. This powerful and effective solution helps to provide a simple way to help remove small red, blue and purple veins that appear just under the surface layer of skin.

These tend to be something that those who suffer from tend to feel very self-conscious about. With our simple laser vein treatment program, though, you can easily put an end to this problem. Usually, the cause of spider veins includes:

• Suffering from a minor injury at one stage.
• Excessive exposure to the sun.
• Long periods of sitting or standing for excessive time periods.
• Weight gain and poor lifestyle choices i.e. smoking and poor dietary changes.
• Lifestyle alterations and hormonal change i.e. pregnancy and puberty.
• Insufficient access or weakened valves after an injury.

While you might fear you are left with this discomforting and garish looking issue, our laser thread vein removal treatment is just the place to start.

We also provide SCLEROTHERAPY as well as ADVANCED ELECTROLYSIS thread vein removal for those who are unsuited to the use of laser thread vein removal.

If you want to know more about our use of Candela GentleMax Pro and Cynosure Elite+ laser treatments for combatting thread vein at Prima Britannia please call to book FREE consultation on


The process itself is relatively simple at Prima Britannia. We know that the idea of using lasers on legs sounds like something you would like to avoid, but rest assured this is a safe and steady solution that has a proven level of treatment within.

Thanks to the Candela MaxPro and Cynosure Elite+ laser systems we use, you can make use of the pulse rays that are produced onto the vein. This will then be absorbed by your blood, heating up the blood vessels to over 70C. This might sound dangerous, but it totally safe.  The end results is that, it can help to cause the veins to enter a vascular spasm, in effect destroying that vein – and that horrible mark on your skin!

After the treatment process has been carried out, you will notice a period of swelling take place as well as a visible darkening of the area where treatment has taken place. This is a part of the process and is entirely natural. This is part of what you need to go through for the end result to be a painless, vein-free look.

With less than 1/1000 of a second per laser pulse, you will never see any kind of collateral damage caused by using laser vein removal treatment. This helps to avoid the veins you want to keep good while removing the veins that cause such a horrible look – all the while making sure you can avoid the need for physical surgery which comes with various downsides, not least the downtime and recovery time!

Laser Thread Vein Removal: What Can Be Treated?

Typically, this form of treatment can be used in various ways to help improve the quality of your skin and body. It’s a very powerful and pain-free treatment plan that can help to provide consistent results to finally remove that problem you have been dealing with for so long.

Using simple and smart laser treatment, you can utilize spider vein treatment to try and make a major change to the quality of your skin. Typically, we suggest using this form of laser thread vein removal for issues such as:

• Broken veins which have become consistently damaged (capillaries).
• Blue, red and purple leg veins which have become larger than 3mm in diameter.
• Spider veins which have formed on the face and/or legs.
• Redness and blotchiness in the face

Using our laser thread removal treatment, you can combat all of the above and leave yourself with a simple and easy way to help combat one of the mot debilitating parts of having this condition. Treatment will leave you feeling far more confident and should leave you with little issue in showing off your summertime form!

At Prima Britannia, we do all that we can to meet your specific needs and deliver a comprehensive solution to making your skin look and feel better than ever.

If you would like to know more about the various thread vein removal options that we have, then you can contact us today for more information and advice. We can arrange a free consultation to look at helping you remove spider veins and other such irritants.


 Is Laser Thread Vein Removal treatment safe?

Yes, this is an entirely safe process that has been proven to be a reliable way to help combat vein removal without issue. Using Candela GentleMax Pro and also Cynosure Elite+ laser systems, you can enjoy a comprehensive change to your skin without any fears of drawbacks or lasting damage.

Is there any pain involved in thread vein removal?

While you will likely feel a warm sensation on the treated area, we will use a cooling agent to help make sure that any discomfort is kept to an absolute minimum.

How many treatments is needed for spider vein removal?

It depends entirely on personal circumstance, but the standard result is 1-3 treatments, timed between 4-8 weeks depending on whether it is a leg or facial treatment

Do any side-effects exist here with laser vein treatment?

While the veins will likely darken and go red afterward, this will fade over the medium term. You may experience some bruising, though we recommend you use SPF50+ sun cream and also Aloe Vera gel on your area for a few weeks after the experience to help avoid any sun damage or irritation.

Is laser vein removal right for me?

There are important safety implications that must be considered when deciding whether the treatment is right for you. At Prima Britannia, we’ll help you work out what the best course of action is.
For example, we can treat thread veins, but not varicose veins or large complex leg vein systems. We cannot treat a vein that is bigger than 1.5mm on the face and 3mm on legs, or any vascular lesion within the orbit of the eye for safety reasons.
Prior to treatment we will arrange a free consultation, during which one of our experienced professionals can examine your veins and determine the best course of action.

Do I have varicose veins or spider veins? Can I be treated by laser?

At Prima Britannia clinic we are only able to treat spider veins. We cannot treat varicose veins. Varicose veins are often much larger than spider veins, and they are thick and protrude from the skin. Spider veins, meanwhile, are much smaller and can be seen just below the surface of the skin.

If you are unsure which you have, you are welcome to come in for a Free consultation, during which one of our experienced professionals will determine if we are capable of delivering the thread vein removal therapy that you require.


London Laser Thread Vein Removal Price List

We will do our best to make you feel comfortable. We accept different payment methods: Cash, or Credit/Debit Card (excluding American Express)

Please note we require 24 hours notice for all cancellations, during our working hours 10am to 7pm weekdays and Saturday between 10am to 6pm for Monday’s appointments. If you miss a prepaid appointment without giving notice you may lose the cost of that treatment.


AreaSingle £Off Peak
course of 3
Face’s small area£49£44£117
Face,s medium area£59£53£147
Face’s large area£79£71£207
Leg’s small area£75£67.5£189
Leg’s medium area£99£89£261
Leg’s large area£129£116357


Following your Laser treatment please ensure that you take the following precautions for the next 24 to 48 hours:

  • AVOID THE SUN completely after treatment to reduce the risk of Hyrepigmentation. Use a broad spectrum SPF30 + sunblock cream or even SPF 50+ on face.
  • Avoid sunbathing or any other heat treatments ( sunbed, sauna, steam room, hot shower and swimming
  • Check with your therapist about the possibility of using daily moisturiser and make-up
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for a few days after treatment. Get advice from your therapist
  • Apply cooling Aloe Vera Gel to the area over next 2 days or until healing has take place.