Skin cycling – skin treatments at home

What is skin cycling in a skincare routine?

Skin cycling is a home care routine recommended by dermatologists and has been a well-known treatment protocol in dermatology for some time.

The idea behind the cycle is that skin care is applied at home in a particular order to ensure optimal results and avoid unwanted skin reactions.

The cycle is designed for 4 days. As a rule, the active ingredients are applied at night. Therefore, the skin cycle briefly looks like this:

skin home care routine

How does this work in practice?

Morning – Generally, wash your face with Cleanser according to your skin type, apply Hydration cream or Serum and protect your skin with Sunscreen.


  • Night 1 – Exfoliate and apply cream according to your skin type. Exfoliators – Enzyme peels or light acid peels, which a skin specialist can prescribe.
  • Night 2 – Treatment -Treatment. Use Retinol, Vitamin C or Niacinamide, gradually increasing the concentration over weeks or months. Once the skin has absorbed the active serums, apply skin cream.
  • Nights 3 and 4 – Morning skincare generally remains the same.
    In the evening, apply a regenerating or moisturizing cream. Typically concentrated ingredients may make your skin sensitive at first. Therefore, on the 3rd and 4th evenings, we give the skin a rest to recover and avoid increased skin sensitivity.
  • Night 5 – we start all over again as in evening 1.

This cycle is taken as a basis. It is recommended that skincare be selected by a specialist based on the skin type and the problem that the patient wants to solve.

Beautiful skin is, first of all, healthy, well-looked-after skin.
Try following these recommendations for at least a month; the results will not keep you waiting.
I would like to point out that when you buy creams and serums in stores, you most likely will not see significant changes. The fact is that, unlike professional creams, the percentage of active ingredients in ordinary creams is much lower. If you want to get a good result, visit a skin specialist.

Following our recommendations, you can create your home care routine by visiting our online skincare store.

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