LPG 14-days Express Slimming Concentrate

LPG 14-days Express Slimming Concentrate is the answer to fight against excess of weight and cellulite. Its drains tissues and helps to refine the figure.

LPG 14 days Express Slimming Concentrate is a concentrated formula combines 5 plants extract with the L-Carnitine and Caffeine. This combination helps to release fat quickly and transform into energy, as well as stimulate water, toxins and metabolic waste elimination.

LPG Express Slimming concentrate will effectively works for men and women.

LPG-express-slimming-concentrate-drink Plant based formula that offers optimized Caffeine and L-Carnitine synergy action:

  1. COLA – helps burn the fat released by the Cellu M6® during LPG Lipomassage treatments
  2. BLACKCURRANT – helps to control weight, rich in vitamin C
  3. ASH + ELDERBERRY – known to help the body eliminate waste, used for its antioxidant activity, to lower cholesterol, to boost the immune system, anti bacterial and viral infections.
  4. GREEN TEA –  boosts the metabolism and the oxidants of fat
  5. CAFEINE – favours fat release – boosts lipolysis, inhibits lipogenesis, inhibits glucose transportation stimulated by insulin within the adipocytes
  6.  L-CARNITINE – peptide whose role is to transport and favour fat burning within the body

At Prima Britannia Laser Clinic we use The 14-days Express Slimming concentrate as a part of New Express Slimming Program. We can help you to lose a few unwonted kilograms and shape your body if you need to look your best before Holyday, Wedding or other special event. Also this program can help you to boost your metabolism if you would like to start transforming your figure on long term.

Your simple transformation plan:

  • Drink One LPG 14-days Express slimming Concentrate a day
  • Eat healthy
  • Use LPG home care products twice a day
  • Go for LPG Endermology treatments
  • Exercise or any physical activity

 For more details please call our clinic on 0208 741 7420

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