Laser Hair Removal: Myths and Facts

Myth 1. Laser hair removal hurts

This is a very personal experience and everyone will have an individual sensation. On some occasions, it can be described as unpleasant and can be compared to a snap on the skin. Normally, this doesn’t cause much trouble. Without a doubt, both waxing and mechanical depilation are more painful.

Myth 2. Light coloured hair can be removed

Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective Photothermolysis. This means that the laser light is absorbed only by a target – a dark pigment in the hair- melanin. The surrounding tissue, which doesn’t contains much of this pigment, will not be affected.

This way, the laser doesn’t see light, grey or fair hair and cannot remove them.

Myth 3. The hair can be removed once and forever. The effectiveness of one session is 100%

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to reach the desired result with just one session. Laser light is absorbed only by mature hair follicles. There are 10 to 20 % of hair follicles on the body in active growing stage at certain time. Those follicles can be removed permanently. We recommend a course of 6 laser hair removal treatments to achieve long lasting results. After a few years, you may experience some hair regrowth as skin can produce new hair follicles, but the hair will never grow back like before.

Myth 4. Laser hair removal can be performed on tanned skin

This is not true. Sun tan will activate melanin in the skin. Darker skin will absorb more laser light and increase the risk of skin burning. We recommend waiting more than two weeks after using sun tan lotion if you are using Nd:Yag and Diode lasers. For the Alexandrite laser, you have to wait minimum 4 weeks.

Myth 5. Laser can cause cancer on the skin

It is not true. The carcinogenic effect is attributed to a UV of 320-400 nm, which is not present in a laser machines used in the Cosmetic industry. We recommend you to only use professional laser clinics, which are equipped with FDA or CE proved laser medical grade machines. The laser practitioner must have special qualifications to perform the laser procedures. Then, the laser will never cause any kind of cancer.

Myth 6. Laser hair removal treatment can increase density and thickness of hair

Quite the opposite; after each treatment hair becomes thinner and weaker. After the course of 6 treatments, you will see significant reduction in hair. On some occasions, after two treatments, there can be an increased hair growth due to synchronization phases of hair growth cycle. However, the following treatments will correct this effect.