Facelift Chiromassage

Among all of non-invasive anti-ageing procedures the most affordable, suitable for everyone and healthy is MASSAGE on face and body. More than three thousand years and still these days human are using massage for health improvement , rehabilitation and as well as actively utilized in anti-ageing and stress management procedures. At present, Chiromassage is one of the most popular technique among practitioners as well as patients around the world.

What does Chiromassage mean?

Literally translation from Spanish, Chiromassage means a massage by hands, which is widely used in Spain and Latino-American countries. This is a unique technique of massage which integrates many well-known massages techniques of the 19th and 20th centuries implemented the Swedish, Japanese, Chinese and others massage’s techniques. At first Chiromassage as a special technique was recorded in 1893 by naturopath doctor Dr Ferrandiz Garcia. However, only in 1982 Enrique Castells Garcia developed this technique and started implementing it in aesthetic medicine.

What makes the Chiromassage so special?

Chiromassage isn’t used for relaxation only, but as a prevention in anti-ageing process in whole. Client can see the powerful lifting effect instantly after treatment. Another important factor is that Chiromassage has a variety of techniques making it possible to be personalised and be tailored to meet client requirements, therefore procedure may vary from one session to another . Each treatment new filling and deep relaxation will beneficially impact on nerves and muscular systems preventing the adaptation. Lastly but not least, Chiromassage was developed as a technique bases on scientific researches.

What are the ageing problem can be sorted out with Chiromassage?

  • Expression lines or mimic wrinkles
  • Poor skin color and texture
  • Dryness of skin
  • Sagging skin
  • Atonic skin
  • Poor lymphatic drainage
  • Oedema and others

One procedure of Facelift Chiromassage will give the instant effect. However, a course of treatments will keep this effect for a longer period. Chiromassage treatment can be combined with any others anti-ageing procedures. Our highly trained therapists will be able to suggest the right skin rejuvenation program for you.

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To have a WOW effect we recommend to combine the Chiromassage with professional WOW mask ! Book an Appointment today.


We will do our best to make you feel comfortable with our easy 2-step Payment Plan: You can pay by 2 instalments for your course of 10 Chiromassage treatments (Applicable for an amount of £400 or more)

Payment methods: Cash, or Credit/Debit Card (excluding American Express)

Please note we require 24 hours notice for all cancellations, during our working hours 10am to 7pm weekdays and Saturday between 10am to 6pm for Monday’s appointments. If you miss a prepaid appointment without giving notice you may lose the cost of that treatment.

* Top Up prices available only for existing clients after course of 10 treatments

AREASingle £course of 10Top up*
Face (50 min)£55£450 (save £100)£45
Face + Mask ( 1hr 15′)£65£550 (save £100)£55
Face+ Neck + Shoulders (1hr’15’)£75£650 (save £100)£65
Face+ Neck+ Shoulders + Mask (1hr 30′)£85£750 (save £100)£75
Add  professional WOW mask (+ 30min )£30

 To have a WOW result combine the Facelift Chiromassage with professional WOW mask!