While men have pioneered many tech innovations, their appreciation of laser has long remained under question. However it is possibly the most manly and technologically advanced way to remove unwanted hair, as well as treat conditions that razor and wax are powerless to improve.

1. Simply Science

Yes, there’s absolutely no magic behind this scientifically proven solution in permanent hair removal. A medical-grade laser at Prima Britannia transmits a concentrated beam of light directly into the pigment of each hair follicle. It then destroys and stunts the hair growth right at the root.

2. Timesaver

Laser hair removal is fast and lasting, as opposed to never-ending razor story. Regrowth chances are slightly affected by individual biological factors, which vary from person to person. The two market leading systems at our clinic, Candela MaxPro and Cynosure Elite+ ensure that 6 to 8 treatments do the job perfectly.

3. Doctors Recommend

No wonder, doctors all over the world often recommend male patients to consider laser hair removal, especially those diagnosed with folliculitis (an inflammation or infection of the hair follicles of the skin). Being a safe and highly effective alternative to shaving and waxing, laser hair removal can prevent ingrown hair and inflamed bumps which are inevitable after waxing, shaving or sweaty exercise.

4. Razor Rash & Cuts Be Gone

Laser hair removal at our clinic is effective on all parts of the body and makes that shaving rash gone forever. Who needs to look like a tomato just before an important day of meetings or a date? All that unwanted hair will simply stop growing after a few treatments and end the battle between the two of you.

5. Job Friendly

As a quick lunchtime procedure laser hair removal will allow most of your usual activities to resume immediately after. Off to work you go! Just bear in mind that sweating is not recommended within 24 hours after your treatment.

6. Virtually Pain-free

Let’s be honest, that fear of pain has kept some great gentlemen off the dentist’s chair for a while. But the opinion that laser can cause pain is really just a myth! Candela Gentle MaxPro laser system at Prima Britannia has a special device that sprays cooling cryogen onto the skin during the treatment making the process comfortable.

7. Lifesaver

Laser is literally the only cure for men with rough, high density and curly hair. In this case, shaving and waxing is extremely frustrating and ineffective, not to mention the most delicate body parts. Laser is a great solution to give your beard a nice shape permanently by reducing the thickness of the hair, neatening the beard line and banishing daily skin irritation. Hooray!

8. Hot Times

Whether you are on holiday or on a daily commute in summer, less hair makes it altogether more bearable. Men with a tendency to sweat excessively and sportsmen whose exercise routine is inevitable, all admit the benefits of laser hair removal. Avid cyclists and professional swimmers confirm that smooth skin even makes the body more streamlined and faster (we’d love that too!)

So if you need any part of your body to finally become smooth and hair-free, it’s time to visit Prima Britannia Laser Clinic for a free, no obligation consultation.

For more information on male laser hair removal read https://www.primabritannia.co.uk/treatment/male-laser-hair-removal-2/ 

or call us on 0208 741 7420.

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