Did you know that…

  • Over 100 years medical professionals continue in researching the causes of excessive hair loss but yet there isn’t a clear answer still.
  • Alopecia is the general term for hair loss that can occur at any age and affects 60%  of men and 58% of women.
  • Stress, genetic, hormonal factors, nutritional imbalance and illnesses are the most common causes of  hair loss.
  •  Hair loss treatment essential to start when you just noticed the first sign of defusing hair. Hair follicles can be damaged permanently within just one year and possibly can’t be restored.

Prima Britannia Laser Clinic has successfully been providing a non surgical treatments for Hair loss regeneration for

many years. Combination of Treatments and special ingredients, including Mesotherapy and the newest Rich Plasma Therapy, helping the clients reverse back hair loss process and self-confidence.

So it is a fact that the early you start the better is the success.

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