Laser hair removal – do it at Home or go to the Salon?

Before attempting to buy  Laser hair removal Home device, please read the facts below :

  1. All so called home laser devices are IPL. It is a proven fact that IPL machines are less effective or probably ineffective for hair removal treatment.
  2. Recently  released  statistic by the American Association of Aesthetic Surgeon shows that Laser Hair Removal procedure is  the most popular treatment in aesthetic clinics after Botulinum toxin injections.
  3. World leading laser hair removal manufactures producing professional laser equipments invest millions  on average every 3 years introducing  newly developed technology for hair laser removal. Obviously home devices are not a challenge to them.
  4. Laser cosmetic procedures are subject to rules and regulation in the sense only a qualified  practitioner who possesses Core of Knowledge or  level 4 laser qualification who implements  health and safety matters.
  5. Hair is  removed effectively when hair follicle absorbs  laser beam with enough energy which  makes  thermal damage to the hair follicle. The power of professional laser machine need to be strong enough for successful treatment as low laser energy does stimulate hair growth.

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